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Our scientific research is based on the 18 million objects in our collections. Our scientists discover and document new species, their biology, and how they are related to each other. Our research expertise is not replicated at universities or other research institutions, uniquely positioning us to address issues such as environmental health, biodiversity loss, climate change, and the control of pest species.

We provide invaluable information to government and various industries to ensure effective conservation and resource management decisions are made. We provide information about managing wild and captive populations of endangered species, establishing protected areas, estimating natural resources (e.g. marine fishing grounds) and restoring degraded land.

Australian Museum scientists are also in demand for identifying species for other, vital causes. Our researchers regularly identify pest species for biosecurity purposes and provide information on their effective control. They also routinely identify bird remains from aviation airstrikes in order to improve air safety, and animals or animal parts (such as shark fin and rhino horn) confiscated as part of the illegal wildlife trade.

We also engage with the public, communicating our research through exhibitions, video-conferencing, public lectures, blogs, social media and newsletters, citizen science projects, traditional media and our on- and off-site public programs.

The Australian Museum is a reputable and authoritative voice on issues of increasing significance to society. This credibility and authority comes from being industry leaders and our active engagement in primary scientific research.

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