Austria, Young people from the training camp on a trip.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem

The man in the center is holding a flag. After the disbanding of the Moosbrunn training camp, and the reduction of the "Aliyat Hanoar" school's activities, some of the young men and women went out for trips in a vacation resort. More details are attached to the photograph, and the names of the people in the picture are on a page attached to the photograph. The names appear in Hebrew when it is known that the person survived after the war.

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  • Title: Austria, Young people from the training camp on a trip.
  • Location: Wien,Austria
  • Subject Keywords: Youth Aliyah , Hachshara, Aliya training , Flags , Trips , Children
  • Origin: Gdalia Ber
  • Name of submitter: Gdalia Ber
  • Description: The submitter's testimony in attached to the collection.
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Collection: Yad Vashem Photo Archive, Yad Vashem Photo Archive
  • Archival signature: 4038/17 , 4038/0
  • Album item no: 71826
  • Album Title: Vienna, Austria, 1931-1941, Photographs of agricultural training camps for Zionist youth movements.

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