Autorretrato (Self-Portait)

Fred Schifferca.1956-7

The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC

The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC

This image demonstrates Schiffer's exceptional skills of photo manipulation. "Fred's self-portrait is way ahead of its time," notes photographer Don MacGregor. For the era, decades before Photoshop, "it was leading edge both technically and artistically. Each element of the composition stands out on its own yet works in harmony to tell a story. These elements are balanced such that your eye moves throughout the image and returns to the main image. The relationship of each image as part of the story of the photographer simply brings a smile to me and other photographers who have seen it."

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  • Title: Autorretrato (Self-Portait)
  • Creator: Fred Schiffer
  • Date Created: ca.1956-7
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Provenance: Courtesy of Jennifer Levine
  • Type: Photograph


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