Azorro Standard

Azorro Supergroup2010/2010

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

The plaque is a result of an action undertaken by the Azorro Supergroup in the building of the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń. It was a sort of mocking examination of the gallery’s quality, a parody of professional expert reports that are usually based on artistic or even ideological beliefs of the expert. In contrast to partial and arbitrary verdicts of such kind, the Azorro collective meticulously measured the architectural body of CoCA with a measuring tape – the windows, façade, and floor. The film recording of the action shows Oskar Dawicki standing in front of CoCA, writing down numbers and analysing them to inform us that: “It’s all very good here, no ifs and buts”; then we see Łukasz Skąpski with a pencil in his hand standing by the glass entrance door and assessing the proportions of the interior. His judgement is similar: “very good, indeed”. The camera then films the inside of the gallery and the glass elevator, only to show Wojciech Niedzielko in the foreground saying: It’s all very good in here”. The artist pronounces these words in front of a huge poster advertising the Ideal Exhibition by the Azorro Supergroup (22.05.2010–26.09.2010). At the same time, on the roof of the gallery, another Azorro member, Igor Krenz, also passes his judgement: “very nice”. The camera films from above as Dawicki is standing in the courtyard with other members of the Supergroup communicating in loud voices and their judgements are all clear and unambiguous: “OK”. In the end, we see a summary – four Azorro experts sit at the table with their notes and exchange the figures they wrote down during their measurements, proving the excellence of CoCA. The verdict says: “A very good gallery”. [A. Markowska]

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