Demián Flores2008

Museum of Latin American Art

Museum of Latin American Art

ed. 8/20, portfolio of 4 limited edition prints and booklet

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  • Title: Aztlán
  • Creator: Demián Flores
  • Date Created: 2008
  • Physical Dimensions: w8.5 x h10 in (each)
  • About the Work: In his work, Demián Flores explores themes of national identity and cultural hybridization, as well as migration and the redefinition of socio-political borders, especially between Mexico and the United States. A successor of the printing tradition established in Oaxaca by Francisco Toledo, Flores takes the medium further by combining it with diverse techniques such as painting and collage, and images from pre-Columbian iconography and popular culture. The portfolio of 4 prints Aztlán is inspired by the origin myth of the Mexica (Aztec) civilization and is also a comment on the growing issue of Mexico/U.S. migration and how these exchanges nurture politics on both sides of the border. The portfolio is accompanied by a booklet with texts by performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña and the prints work as vignettes or illustrations to this publication.
  • Type: Print
  • Rights: Gift of the artist
  • External Link: Museum of Latin American Art
  • Medium: aquatints on paper


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