Meng-Yeh, Chou2010

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

If You Look Carefully You Can See Lots Of Little People Around You Walking Back And Forth And Staring. With Their Different Positions And Appearance They Drop Into This Space From Some Mystical Kingdom. These Little People Are Made From Iron Wire And Appear Strange In Shape, With A Large Hard And Body That Are Somewhat Disproportionate. They Appear To Be The Same Form, But In Point Of Fact They Unique Individuals, Existing Almost As Extensions Of Ourselves. The Existence Of The Little People Creates A Powerful Contrast With The Real World; Small And Big, Short And Tall, Looking Down, Looking Up. These Contrasting Relationships Create A Dialogue And Interact With Real Space. As With Hide And Seek, They Are Everywhere, Waiting For The Moment When They Will Be Happily Discovered.

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  • Title: B612
  • Creator: Meng-Yeh, Chou
  • Date: 2010
  • Medium: iron wire, paper pulp
  • Location: AVEDA