Baeja, Vest

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

The collar is symmetrical with a round collar head, is a Daegeum shape meeting at the front center without overlapping parts, and has a Dongjeong. The front and back piece have the same length, and is quilted at a 1.1~1.2cm interval. It is diagonal from the shoulder line to under the armhole, and there is a trace of a string attached under the armhole. There is a trace of a button knot attached to the front center collar head and at the point 15cm below, but it has been eliminated.

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  • Title: Baeja, Vest
  • Location Created: Joseon 17C
  • Physical Dimensions: 72 cm x 52 cm
  • Type: Vest
  • Rights: Gyeonggi Provinvial Museum
  • Medium: Ju