Baguio as summer capital, Report of the Philippine Commission

Philippine Commission1903

Filipinas Heritage Library

Filipinas Heritage Library

Digitized page of the Philippine Commission's report on Baguio as summer capital of the Philippines, from the Fourth Annual Report of the Philippine Commission (1904)

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  • Title: Baguio as summer capital, Report of the Philippine Commission
  • Creator: Philippine Commission
  • Date Created: 1903
  • Date Published: 1904
  • Location: Baguio City, Philippines
  • Location Published: Washington
  • Original Language: English
  • Subject Keywords: Baguio City, American Colonialism
  • Transcript: One of the things essential to progress in the islands is the coming of more Americans and Europeans who shall make this their business home. If there can be brought within twelve hours' travel of Manila a place with a climate not unlike that of the Adirondacks, or of Wyoming in summer, it will add greatly to the possibility of living in Manila for ten months of the year without risk. It will take away the necessity for long vacations spent in America; will reduce the number who go invalided home, and will be saving to the insular government of many thousands of dollars a year. ...
  • Type: Rare book (excerpt)
  • Publisher: Bureau of Insular Affairs, War Department
  • Original Source: Filipiniana Online