Bakst Influence Revealed in Display of Unusial Fashions


The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery

Bakst Influence Revealed in Display of Unusual Fashions
Wonderful evening wrap of gold and silver brocade on a background of black. The huge collar, cuffs and hem of lynx are reminiscent of the Tartar queen in "Thamar”.
A street dress inspired by one of the costumes in "Till Eulenspiegel”. The bodice is of black taffeta and velvet brocade and the skirt of brown velvet.
This walking suit called “The Cossack" is an adaptation of Cossack uniform.
This beige brocaded afternoon frock, with unusually deep hem of moleskin and collar to match, shows pronounced Russian influence.
Some of the exotic styles to be seen at the Ballet Russe fashion show which opens tomorrow at the Ritz-Carlton under the auspices of the Woman's Supply League and J. M. Gidding & Co.
A most unusual evening gown of greenish gold metallic cloth over green velvet. It reflects the barbaric splendor of the Russian ballet, "Cleopatre." The harem veil is of greenish gold mesh edged with gold embroidery, and the headdress and girdle are studded with Oriental stones.
Photos by Andrews Fashion Service

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  • Title: Bakst Influence Revealed in Display of Unusial Fashions
  • Date Created: 1916/1916
  • Type: newspaper