Baramgot | Bari Sinawi (a part)

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Baramgot is a dedicated Korean music group founded in 2004 under the direction of Won Il. They intend to create new style of music that especially emphasizes each player’s improvisational skills.
Baramgot quickly obtained reputation as one of the most important Korean music groups by improving and reinterpreting Korean traditional instruments, which had already acquired their own unique tone colors in the course of their long history. One of their recent works is the reinterpretation of Sinawe (Korean traditional improvisational music) into various contemporary styles, and it has been recognized as the most creative and important achievement in Korean contemporary music scene.
In 2006, they created a music theatre piece called “Searching for Water,” which is based on a Korean folk tale, “Great Journey of Princess Bari.” Every year, their performance is being acclaimed critically.
This piece is also the result of cooperative efforts by artists in various fields. This kind of interdisciplinary work to reinvent new style of music while communicating with artists through music is an important part of what Baramgot strives to achieve.
“Baramgot,” which literally means wind cape, signifies their efforts to create the new world of free sounds just like that uninhibited wind freely moving from the coastal high land into the sea.

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  • Title: Baramgot | Bari Sinawi (a part)
  • Creator: Into the light

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