Beach House

Randall Exon2002

James A. Michener Art Museum

James A. Michener Art Museum

Randall Exon has acknowledged that a rich source of inspiration for this work was a dilapidated screen door that needed another setting: "I saw this dilapidated screen door on a building in Media, Pennsylvania. It looked as if it hadn’t been opened in years. I knew from the beginning that the setting was not right. So I struggled for a while coming up with the right alternative. Somehow the door traveled from downtown Media to the beach in New Jersey. There are still a few old beach houses left after National Parks were developed. I imagined this one being slowly covered by sand—like the Sphinx."

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  • Title: Beach House
  • Creator: Randall Exon
  • Date: 2002
  • Physical Dimensions: w36 x h36 inches
  • Credit Line: James A. Michener Art Museum. Museum purchase funded by the Janus Society.
  • Type: Painting
  • External Link: James A. Michener Art Museum
  • Medium: oil on canvas


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