Beer pot called morta(calf) was made at Sibou by Korirotich. During a wedding ceremony, the bridegroom must ensure that the pot is full with honey beer or the ceremony will not be conducted. It is regarded as an important pot and shared by the elders only who have performed wedding ceremonies before. The elders who haven't are chased away from the drinking place because there are alot of secret things to be performed by the elders. The pot is put in the middle of the bridegrooms compound and the elders sit around it. The sit according to their age-sets or generation. The pot is covered with leaves which are often used during marriage ceremonies. It is also covered with cowhide to prevent them from being worn out.

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  • Title: Beer pot
  • Location: Kenya
  • Rights: National Museums of Kenya
  • Medium: Clay
  • Photographer: Gibsphotography
  • Local Name: Terema
  • Community: Endo
  • Collection Date: 1978-05-05
  • Collected By: Sultan Somjee