Before the party, Seto ware

Maruyama Ceramic Company1960

Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University

Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University

Maruyama Ceramics Corporation produced these novelty figurines of Seto. Made with plaster molds, they reflect the breadth of the types of ceramics made in Seto.

In the Taisho era during World War I, the worldwide importation of porcelain figurines from Germany was halted. In turn, Americans began to order porcelain figurines from Japan, and the manufacturing and export of porcelain figures began in Seto. Porcelain figurines became a leading product of Seto, especially after World War II. Referred to as “Seto novelties,” these figurines’ delicacy of shaping and decoration garnered praise in Europe and America as well as Japan.

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  • Title: Before the party, Seto ware
  • Creator: Maruyama Ceramic Company
  • Date Created: 1960
  • Physical Dimensions: H 39.7 cm
  • Original Source: Setogura Museum


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