Begtse Dharmapala, /Prana Atma/

An anonymous artist19th century - 19th century

The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum

The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum

Begtse Dharmapala is one of the Ten wrathful patron
gods to protect the Buddhism. Mongolians worship this deity as the protector
from natural calamities, war, death, sufferings and poverty. The painter
illustrated the patron deity with mineral color made of vermilion and coral
pigment in accordance with the Buddhist iconographic canon and depicted the
head adornments, armor, mirror plate and implements with pure gold, which made
the depiction more magnificent, realistic and exaggerated in artistic
expression. This artwork is registered in the list of ‘unique and precious’
heritage of Mongolia.

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  • Title: Begtse Dharmapala, /Prana Atma/
  • Creator: An anonymous artist
  • Date: 19th century - 19th century
  • Physical Dimensions: w107 x h153 cm
  • Provenance: The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum
  • Type: cast
  • Rights: The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum


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