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Begtse Dharmapala


The Bogd Khaan Palace Museum

The Bogd Khaan Palace Museum

In Tibetan, it's called as Begtse Dharmapala (Beg Tse Lcam Sring) and in Sanskrit as Prana Atma. This Buddha is one of the 10 wrathful deities or Dharma Protectors to protect the Buddhism from evil. He has a five-skull tiara, upswept hair, earrings and other accessories, a necklace of freshly severed and threaded human heads, an armor and a helmet, skin dhoti or loincloth. He stands in a wrathful countenance, holding a sword in his right hands, gesturing his left hand in front of the chest, holding the heart of the foe, and in the crook of the left arm are in arrow, bow and flag. He steps on two corpses, of a horse and a devil, with his right leg bent and left leg stretched out on a lotus base.

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  • Title: Begtse Dharmapala
  • Creator: Balgan


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