UrartianThe second half of the 8th century BCE

Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum

Wide Belt With Hunting Scenes. A fragmentary belt, of which the majority is missing. All eleven fragments of the belt were stuck together and the spaces between the fragments were reconstructed. The right end is partially preserved. The outer border is perforated with small string holes with short gaps between them. The surface of the belt is divided into four registers by five double horizontal embossed ribs with dots in the middle. A hunting scene is shown on the surface. The figures on the decoration surface proceed toward each end from the center of the belt, in four rows of similar type, one on top of the other. Rose ornament rosettes and sacred trees are placed alternately among the figures. An equestrian on a running horse, shooting arrows forward, and running lions and bulls are depicted. Nested rectangular panels are placed at the edge of the right end. Palmette rosettes run along all four sides in the outer of these nested panels. At the bottom and the very top of the central panel are winged creatures holding cauldrons. Next to these are rose ornament rosettes and a winged mythological creature with a lion body is in the middle of the central panel. Repair marks from the belt’s period of use are found.

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  • Title: Belt
  • Creator: Urartian
  • Date Created: The second half of the 8th century BCE
  • Location: Museum/Current exhibition


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