Urartian8th centuries BCE

Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum

Medium Sized Belt With Zigzag Decoration. Five preserved pieces of belt were attached together and the spaces between them were completed. The outer border is perforated with small string holes with short gaps between them. The surface is decorated with four bands composed of zigzag borders placed in between double horizontal bands of embossed dots at the top and the bottom. Four columns of figures are placed horizontally in the panel at the right end and three figures are vertically placed in the panel on the right end. Eagle figures are horizontally placed along the rows at top and the bottom, while mythological creatures are repeated four times successively in the middle row. The mythological creatures are depicted with bird bodies and human heads. There are repair marks from the period the belt was in use.

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  • Title: Belt
  • Creator: Urartian
  • Date Created: 8th centuries BCE
  • Location: Museum/Current exhibition