Korean Stone Art Museum

Korean Stone Art Museum

People in the past believed that Beoksu, standing at the entrance to a village or at the end of a street, protected them from evil spirits and illnesses. Since Beoksu were thought to possess superpowers that can bring good fortune and prevent troubles, people prayed to Beoksu in the hope of making their wishes come true.
Though Beoksu drove away evil spirits, they did not have a scary look. Moreover, there was no set standard for the face of Beoksu. The various forms of their candid and humorous faces reflected how simply and sincerely ordinary people thought. Stories and fables of Beoksu blended with Korean people's sentiments over time, creating not only unique artistic splendor but also creatures that allow us to have a conversation with the past.

*In folk belief and Taoism, the turtle is one of the animals that symbolize longevity as part of the 10 traditional symbols of longevity..

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  • Title: Beoksu
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: 1600/1900
  • Type: sculpture


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