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Berlin, Germany, Fania Rotbart, 15/06/1936.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem

The submitter of the picture is Rena Dotan, the daughter of Fania's sister.
Fania was born on 5/10/88 in Karinky, which is near Grodna, the daughter of Reuvan and Margolit (Abramsky) Rotbart. The seven children of the Rotbart family were, in order of birth: Dora, Sonia, Lisa, Fania, Rosa, Garisha, Rivka.

The father, Reuven Rotbart, was born in 1886 (in the town of Porozovo), and acted for many years as the head of the community of Karinki. He emigrated to Eretz Israel in 1926 and together with his wife joined the Geva group, in the Jezreal Valley. He passed away in 1928 and was buried in Geva.
The mother, Margolit Abramsky-Rotbart, passed away in 1945 and was buried in Geva.

Fania, like all of her sisters was fortunate enough to receive an education. She spoke Hebrew, Russian, and German. She worked as a teacher, and later in journalism. At the time of World War I, she worked as a teacher. Afterward, in the 1920's, Fania and her sister Sonia joined a family member (Nachum Tzemach) who had started a Jewish theater group, "HaBimah" and traveled with him from Bialistok to Warsaw, Moscow, Vienna and Berlin. Fania and Sonia worked as stage hands. Fania left the group when it arrived in Berlin in 1926, and started to work as a journalist for the paper "Yiddishe Rundische". She met Leo Baeck and started to learn in the Beit Midrash for Rabbanim. She finished her studies, and it seems was the first women to receive the status of "Rav". She was a secular woman with the knowledge of a rabbi, and had an extensive Judaica book collection.

She visited Israel in 1938, to prepare for her aliya, in order to join the rest of her family.
It seems that in response to her request for help, her friends, Yitzchak Yetziv, Zalmon Shezer and Nachum Krepibner found her work in "Mussaf HaShabbat" and "Davar Layeladim". While she was in Israel, she visited the class of her niece, Rena, in the "school for educating working children" in the Melal village - and

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  • Title: Berlin, Germany, Fania Rotbart, 15/06/1936.
  • Location: Berlin,Germany
  • Subject Keywords: Women , Prewar period
  • Origin: Rina Dotan
  • Name of submitter: Rina Dotan
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Collection: Yad Vashem Photo Archive
  • Archival signature: 7189/1

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