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Berlin Strategic Offensive, 16 April–8 May 1945


Russian Military Historical Society

Russian Military Historical Society

The main forces of the Wehrmacht were eliminated, and Victory over Germany was achieved as a result of the Vistula-Oder Strategic Offensive (12 January–3 February), East Prussian Strategic Offensive (13 January–25 April), East Pomeranian Strategic Offensive (10 February–6 March), and Berlin Strategic Offensive (16 April–8 May) conducted by the First Baltic Front, the First, Second, and Third Belarusian Fronts, the First Ukrainian Front of the Red Army, as well as the First and Second Polish Armies. In the course of the offensive of 25 April, units of the First Ukrainian Front came into contact with advanced units of the First U.S. Army, and units of the Second Belarusian Front came in contact with British troops in West Pomerania and Mecklenburg on 4 May. The German instrument of unconditional surrender was signed in Karlshorst, Berlin, on the night of 9 May 1945. More than 100,000 Soviet soldiers were killed in the battles for the liberation of Germany.

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  • Title: Berlin Strategic Offensive, 16 April–8 May 1945
  • Date: 1945/1945


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