Bible, folio 17v

14th century, first half

The Library of Trinity College Dublin

The Library of Trinity College Dublin

This large volume contains copies of the Old and the New Testaments. The text is decorated with seventy-seven vibrantly illustrated initials and delicate borders of vines, foliage and floral patterns. The historiated initials depict scenes related to the text and usually appear at the beginning of each book. Folio 17v marks the beginning of the Book of Exodus.

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  • Title: Bible, folio 17v
  • Date Created: 14th century, first half
  • Location: England
  • Original Language: Latin
  • Subject Keywords: Illuminated manuscripts, Manuscripts, Latin, Manuscripts, Medieval, Bible
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  • Collection: Illuminating the Middle Ages
  • Catalogue Number: TCD MS 35
  • Bibliography: L.F. Sandler, Gothic Manuscripts 1285-1385, A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in the British Isles 5, (London, 1986), B. Lambert, 'Bibliotheca Hieronymiana Manuscripta', Instrumenta Patristica 4, (Steenbrugge, 1959-1972), 4 volumes, number 53 bibliography; Sandler o.c. number 83, 1:28, 32, 62 (with pls. 211, 216), 2:90-91, 94.