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Bildnis Isabella Reisser

Anton Romako1885

Leopold Museum

Leopold Museum
Wien, Österreich

The sitter is Isabella Reisser, wife of the newspaper editor Christoph Reisser, of whom Romako also created a pendant portrait. The sophisticated representation of an elegant woman wearing a corset presents a stark contrast to the suppressed, nervous drama on her face. Especially remarkable are her open mouth that reveals large, protruding teeth and her little, short nose. The style of depiction feels as unforgiving as a psychological dissection; one could almost pinpoint the figure as if she had emerged from a drama by Ibsen. The iridescent background takes on the tones of the dress, while the lowlights contribute to a certain restlessness. The contours of the figure are surrounded by a diffused, delicate aura, which almost seems to glorify her form. The vibrant effects given to graphic structures and contours were specifically what fascinated Kokoschka and Schiele, who also highlighted psychologizing effects using graphic techniques within their own paintings.

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  • Titel: Bildnis Isabella Reisser
  • Ersteller: Anton Romako
  • Datierung: 1885
  • Abmessungen: w900 x h1305 cm (Ohne Rahmen)
  • Typ: Gemälde
  • Rechte: Leopold Museum, Wien
  • Externer Link: https://www.leopoldmuseum.org
  • Technik: Oil on canvas
  • Signaturen, Beschriftungen und Markierungen: Signed below left: A. Romako
  • Inv. Nr.: LM 2116


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