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Bildnis Wally Neuzil

Egon Schiele1912

Leopold Museum

Leopold Museum

In 1912 Egon Schiele painted what is probably his best-known portrayal of his companion Wally Neuzil. Schiele depicted Wally with a lightly bowed head, strawberry-blonde hair, and oversized, radiant blue eyes that gaze directly into the eyes of the viewer. The composition is balanced by geometrical forms, while the extraordinary coordination of the contrasting colors orange and blue, white and black, red and green present a striking harmony. The small portrait, which was conceived as a counterpart to Self-Portrait with Chinese Lantern Plant, is the only image of Wally in which Schiele elaborates on his companion’s unique personality. Revealing ample intimacy and tenderness, the portrait illustrates their close bond and suggests Egon’s profound feelings for Wally.

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  • Titel: Bildnis Wally Neuzil
  • Ersteller: Egon Schiele
  • Datierung: 1912


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