Biography of Rissai (Muneshige), vol.2

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum

This biography was written in 1689, fifty years after Muneshige’s death. According to the book, Muneshige withdrew from Otsu-jo Catstle due to the defeat of the Western Camp at the Battle of Sekigahara on September 16th in 1600, and went to Osaka to suggest staying in Osaka-jo Castle to Kinoshita Iesada and Mori Terumoto of the western army, but neither of them responded to it. He had no choice but to go back to Yanagawa, and sail out from Osaka after rescuing his mother who was held hostage in Osaka-jo Castle. At a border station, his mother was not allowed to pass through, but they broke through the barrier, and finally arrived in Yanagawa-jo Castle on September 23rd.

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  • Title: Biography of Rissai (Muneshige), vol.2


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