Hsi Shih-Pin2009

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Hsi Shih-Pin’s work is focused on the natural phenomenon that occurrs when human are placed into an environment. This work is an extension of the Bird & Watership sculpture débuted in 2008 at Guandu Art Museum. Hsi Shih-Pin selected common straight-line manmade wood pieces often used in interior design and bent them into curved surfaces. The curved surfaces are then assembled into continuous dimensions to form a structure. After the work piece was installed into a space, the components of this work were withdrawn, broken, twisted, intertwined, and some are even dangerously attached to the space. Through construction and deconstruction, Hsi Shih-Pin used the basic structures and shapes of common objects in life to create bizarre spaces, and this new style sculptural art allows the viewers to reinterpret the forms from different angles and through imaginations.

The fluent lines of this work symbolize the fluent flow of hair, and different angles present different three-dimensional forms. Hsi Shih-Pin’s construction/deconstruction concept expresses the same ideas and logics in the creative work of fashion hair design.

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  • Title: Bird&Watership
  • Creator: Hsi Shih-Pin
  • Date: 2009
  • Medium: Manmade Walnut Wood
  • Location: VISAVIS


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