Birds-eye view of the village

Teikō Shiotani1925

Shimane Art Museum

Shimane Art Museum

Shiotani Teiko was a photographer who was representative of the era from the end of the Taishô period to the Shôwa period, in which pictorialism photography prospered. "Bird's-eye View of the Village," in which he photographed Takobana on the Shimane Peninsula, is Shiotani’s representative work, in which he continued to take pictures of the Sanin region throughout his life. It is an avant-garde expression that incorporates the cubism manner, with the roofs of houses standing on steep slopes pointing in various directions. At the same time, it is an exceptionally lyrical work that expresses Shiotani's sentiments, capturing images in such a way that the spirit of nature overlaps with his own spirit.

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  • Title: Birds-eye view of the village
  • Creator: SHIOTANI Teiko
  • Date: 1925
  • Type: Gelatin-silver print


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