Björk “Cocoon” CD

Rafael Esquer and @radical.media2002

AIGA, the professional association for design

AIGA, the professional association for design

Discipline: Typographic design, Package design, Promotional design and advertising
Format: Package, Type design
Design firm: @radical.media
Creative director: Eiko Ishioka
Designer: Rafael Esquer
Illustrator: Tim Wilder
Typeface: Custom
Clients: Björk, One Little Indian Records

@radical.media created this trio of CD and DVD designs for the single “Cocoon,” from Björk’s Vespertine album. Inspired by the sensuality of the music video, directed by Eiko Ishioka, which shows Björk gradually becoming wrapped in a cocoon of red threads, the designers digitally manipulated video stills and enhanced them with custom typography. Originally, Björk and her record company intended to select one cover, but in the end, they thought using all three proposed designs would be more effective. The collection works as a series and individually, and is an intriguing example of Björk’s image as a groundbreaking, avant-garde artist.

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