Black Raku Tea Bowl, called FUNGAKU

Raku Kichizaemon2004

Sagawa Art Museum

Sagawa Art Museum

The source of the name “FUNGAKU” refers to the phase from a classical Chinese poem. The piece is made by using a hand-forming technique, which is the traditional style of Raku ware. It is entirely covered with an ash glaze and the area of a belt-shaped line is coated with a copper glaze. From the notched lip to the trimmed foot, there are a number of black glaze lines, which seems representing a moment that the waterfall, flowing a rock cliff, directly crashes into a giant rock and the water explosively splashes into air-like the glaze scenery of Edo Rinpa (one of the traditional Japanese schools succeed from the middle age). Inside the large, trimmed foot of the piece, the ‘RAKU’ mark of Kichizaemon XV is impressed. The mark is one of the “Ha no SHU” series.

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