Black Raku Tea Bowl, yakinuki type, called AIDAI ISSEI SANSUI MIDORI

Raku Kichizaemon2003

Sagawa Art Museum

Sagawa Art Museum

The source of the name “AIDAI ISSEI SANSUI MIDORI” refers to the phase from a classical Chinese poem. The piece is made by using a hand-forming technique, which is the traditional style of Raku ware. This is a thin, shoe-shaped tea bowl. The notched lip is rightly warped like mountain roads. From the mouth to the low hip, a cobalt, a black glaze is poured in a belt shape contrasting with the underlying tone of an ash glaze. The area from the low hip to the trimmed foot is covered with a light cobalt glaze. It represents a state of the water flowing from the mountains seen in a great distant, being coloured in a deep blue. This work is one of the “Day Voyage” series.

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