Black Raku Tea Bowl, yakinuki type, called UTEKI NI HIKARI O ATSUMETE Ⅲ

Raku Kichizaemon2002

Sagawa Art Museum

Sagawa Art Museum

The name “UTEKI NI HIKARI O ATUMETE Ⅲ” refers to the phase from a poem of the Uteki ni Hikari o Atumete by Kichizaemon XV. The small piece is made by using a hand-forming technique and sculptural process of trimming, which is the traditional style of Raku ware. An ash glaze coating the body is quite gentle and the central part of the body is covered with a cobalt glaze in a belt shape, upon which a sharp line scratched with a period tool effectively enhances a tense atmosphere. The rest is covered with a vivid cobalt, a chromium, a black glaze. Inside the small, trimmed foot of the piece, the ‘RAKU’ mark of Kichizaemon XV is impressed.

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