Black Raku Tea Bowl, yakinuki type, called UTEKI NI HIKARI O ATSUMETE Ⅳ

Raku Kichizaemon2002

Sagawa Art Museum

Sagawa Art Museum

The name “UTEKI NI HIKARI O ATUMETE Ⅳ” refers to the phase from a poem of the Uteki ni Hikari o Atumete by Kichizaemon XV. The piece is made by using a hand-forming technique and sculptural process of trimming, which is the traditional style of Raku ware. The part of notched lip is sharply trimmed with a fine spatula. The whole body is coated with an ash glaze and the area from the notched lip to the low hip is covered with a cobalt glaze in a geometric pattern. The rest is covered with a green, a copper, a black glaze to create an impressive scenery. Inside the small, trimmed foot of the piece, the ‘RAKU’ mark of Kichizaemon XV is impressed.

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