Black String | Mask Dance

Into the light

Korea Arts Management Service

Korea Arts Management Service

World-music trio Black String consists of Yoon-jeong Heo on the geomungo(a 6-string zither), Aram Lee on the daegum(a large bamboo flute), and Jean Oh on the jazz guitar. As a band, the musicians claim that their goal is to use traditional music to embody a variety of musical expressions, particularly those of jazz and world music. It is hoped that this new sound would eventually be reinterpreted by   artists who also embrace traditional music and jazz, being reflected in both composed and improvised creations. These aspirations especially focus on improvisation as an important aspect of Korean traditional music and attempt to create a unique language that makes use of Asian intuition and musical idioms.

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  • Title: Black String | Mask Dance
  • Creator: Into the light
  • Rights: ⓒ나승열

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