The French Bleriot XI aeroplane was the monoplane that was most representative of the pioneering era. It became famous for its flight across the Channel in 1909, with an Italian Anzani engine (25 HP), for its sporting triumphs, as well as for the qualities of strength, practicality and ease of piloting that made it so widely popular. In particular, it was in this type of plane that Captain Piazza carried out the first warfare in the history of flight, during the Libyan campaign between 1911 and 1912. In 1912 the Bleriot XI was included among the types chosen for the reorganisation of the Italian Air Force: in the following year, the S.I.T. factory of Turin delivered 33 pieces of the two-seater version built on licence, and others were to follow in 1915. Thus, when the Italian Air Force entered the war it had 6 squadrons using the Bleriot monoplane. It was powered by various types of engine, the most common of which was most likely the rotative 50 HP Gnome.

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  • Title: Bleriot XI – replica
  • Provenance: Bequest from the Comune di Milano