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Given the popularity of bull fighting in Spain, it is fitting that bulls should be embroidered around the square neck of this blouse. The neck opening has been finished with a woven upholstery braid; two holes have been punched along either side of it and a plaited cord has been threaded through for fastening the front.

The linen sleeve and the linen that forms the main part of the blouse have been gathered and decorated with embroidered bands and then attached to the edges of the embroidered neck panel. The gathers on the sleeve are not at the top of the arm but run across the shoulder at the point where the collarbone joins the shoulder blade. This, together with the many gathers running from above the breasts would have created a rounded, inflated appearance, made more obvious by the contrast of the neat, flat embroidered band around the neck.

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  • Title: Blouse
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1800/1899
  • Location: Andalusia
  • Physical Dimensions: Length: 71 cm, Width: 142 cm arms outstreched, Length: 6.5 cm lace
  • Provenance: Given by Miss D. M. E. Carr
  • Medium: Linen embroidered with silk, edged with coarse, scalloped bobbin lace


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