Board game:Game of Race Around the World

McLoughlin Brothers1898

The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

Few activities lend themselves to interpretation as a race board game as well as the sport of racing, whether by auto, boat, or horse. Add a few hurdles or accidents (start over) and a spinner and you're off and running! One of the largest games by McLoughlin that carries this theme is Race Around the World. Produced at the height of the company's success, the game's cover graphics show grand ocean liners, locomotives, and even a train wreck--all through the use of amazingly detailed chromolithography. The playing board itself is a huge map of the world with two built-in spinners, wood sides, and a built-in secret compartment to hold the implements. In 1898, a child was fortunate indeed to own and play this game.

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  • Title: Board game:Game of Race Around the World
  • Creator: McLoughlin Brothers
  • Date Created: 1898, 1898
  • Location: New York, NY, New York, NY
  • Subject Keywords: earth, Geography, ship, train, earth, Geography, ship, train
  • Type: Board Games, Board Games
  • Medium: printed paper, cardboard
  • Object ID: 107.405, 107.405

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