Bodegon de Catacaos

Antonio Maro1983/1983

Art Museum of the Americas

Art Museum of the Americas


  • Title: Bodegon de Catacaos
  • Date: 1983/1983
  • Physical Dimensions: w79 x h71 in
  • Painter: Antonio Maro
  • Description: Bodegon de Catacaos translates as Catacaos Still Life and serves as an homage to his hometown in Perú. The forms within the composition are minimal, as Máro relies principally on color to portray the still life forms. The sizable composition is split in two by a thick, dividing line of drips and thinned paint. Nondescript prismatic elements occupy the bottom third of the canvas. A wash of blues, greens, and reds in an amalgam of rectangle and biomorphic shapes suggests the arrangement of still life elements. Some of the colorful, stained shapes appear to be cracked while others run and drip. -Text by Cierra Frances
  • Alternative Title: Catacaos Still Life
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: oil on canvas


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