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Naturalis Biodiversity Center

This ape lived in the zoo in a group of chimpanzees. The ape separated itself from the group and did not mix with the rest. Only after his death, at the beginning of the twentieth century, they discovered a new ape species: the bonobos. Bonobos are apes which resemble chimpanzees. They are therefore also known as pygmy chimpanzees. The most prominent difference from ordinary chimpanzees is that bonobos always have a dark face.Their behaviour is also different. Bonobos tend to live more in the trees and are much more peaceful than chimpanzees. Many conflicts in the group are resolved by endearments. This ape also appeared to be a bonobo.

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  • Title: Bonobo
  • Location: D.R. Congo (south of the Zaire River)
  • Rights: Naturalis Biodiversity Center / CC-BY 4.0
  • Wetenschappelijke naam: Pan paniscus
  • Meer informatie: http://www.natuurinformatie.nl/ndb.wnf/natuurdatabase.nl/i000409.html
  • Lengte: Up to 1.5 m (standing, both male and female)
  • Klasse: Mammal
  • Gewicht: 45 kg (male), 30 kg (female)
  • Eetgewoontes: Fruit, leaves, flowers, seeds, insects


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