Book:The rocket book


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The Strong National Museum of Play

Peter Newell's "The Rocket Book" took off in 1912, establishing the well-known illustrator as one of the most imaginative children's book authors of his day. Lit accidentally in the basement of an apartment building, the rocket in this story shoots through 20 floors before coming to a freezing halt in a child's ice-cream maker in the attic. With a hole cut into each page, the book traces the rocket's flight through the lives of unsuspecting city dwellers. Providing a humorous picture of city living, the book follows the rocket as it crashes through bottles, swipes off wigs, destroys hats, pianos, and phonographs, and even lights cigarettes. Women faint, men leap in fright, and burglars run in alarm, delighting children on every surprising page. By the time Newell published "The Rocket Book," he was already a well-known illustrator and comic artist for such popular Harper magazines as "Bazaar," "Harper's Monthly," "Harper's Weekly," and "Young People." Newell first began writing children's books in 1894 with his own daughters in mind. His clever visual imagination spun amusing stories around novel graphic features - shadow images in "The Shadow Book," "The Slant Book's" slanted shape, and "Topsy Turvy" books, to be read forward and backward.

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  • Title: Book:The rocket book
  • Date Created: 1912
  • Type: More Play Stuff
  • Medium: paper, printed
  • Object ID: 101.4285