Booklet of Fikret Amirov’s “Sevil” opera


State Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan

State Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan

The premiere of Fikret Amirov’s “Sevil” opera has been held in 1953. The lyric-psychological opera in 4 acts has been composed based on well-known Azerbaijani playwright Jafar Jabbarli’s drama with the same name. Tale Eyyubov has composed the libretto in Azerbaijani language.
In 1955 the second, in 1959 the third editions of the opera have been created. The opera has been dedicated to the freedom of Azerbaijani women. The plot of the opera is consist of events happening in Baku in 1918-1919. The 4th act describes the events happening ten years later.
The premiere of the opera has been held on 25 december 1953, in Baku, at Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre. The conductor was Afrasiyab Badalbeyli. Producer- Mehdi Mammadov, artists- I.A.Seyidova and A.G.Almaszade. The roles were perfomed by: Sevil- V.A.Abisheva; Balash-R.M.Behbudov; Gulush-R.V.Jabbarova; Atakishi-A.B.Bunyadzade; Dilbar- N.E.Martisova.
The premiere of the opera’s second edition has been held on 8 May 1955 in Baku. Conductor-A.B.Badalbeyli. Roles were performed by: Sevil- F.Y.Ahmedova; Balash-K.Y.Mammadov. The score of the opera has been published by “Azmusneshr” publishing house in 1957.
The premiere of the opera’s third edition has been held on 21 March 1959 in Baku. Conductor- A.B.Badalbeyli. Artist- E.D.Fataliyev. Sevil-F.Y.Ahmedova; Balash-R.M.Behbudov, Gulush-R.M.Jabbarova; Atakishi-A.B.Bunyadzade; Dilbar-N.E.Martisova, M.S.Titarenko. This edition of the opera has been staged in Moscow in 1959, in Big Theatre, during Azerbaijani art and literature days. The conductor was Niyazi.
On 16 March 2011 the opera has been performed in Azerbaijan State Academic National Opera and Ballet Theatre during “The Mugham World” International Festival. The roles were performed by: Garina Karimova-Sevil, Azer Zeynalov-Balash and Chinare Shirin-Dilbar. The opera was staged by Hafiz Guliyev.

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  • Title: Booklet of Fikret Amirov’s “Sevil” opera
  • Creator: Unkown
  • Date: 1959/1959
  • Location: Baku
  • Medium: Print/ Paper