It is T-shaped with an ivory handle, an arm with a magnifying lens at the end, and another metal arm with an adjustable piece to clip the item being examined into place. The 3 arms have a hinge system to make them foldable.

This very simple type of botanical microscope was popular toward the end of the 18th century and during the 19th century. It was first mentioned in the second edition of George Adams' "Essays on the Microscope" in 1798. William and Samuel Jones were scientific instrument makers who, following the death of George Adams "The Younger," bought the copyright for his books and published a second edition featuring an illustrated description of this kind of botanical microscope.

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  • Title: Botanical microscope
  • Provenance: Microscopio procedente de la "Colección Bruni”, la cual consta de casi 80 microscopios correspondientes a los siglos XVIII, XIX y XX que fueron recolectados por el Doctor Blas Bruni Celli y donados por su hija Maria Eugenia Bruni a la RANM en 2016.
  • Type: Microscope
  • Contributor: George Adams
  • Rights: Ana Suela
  • Medium: Ivory, metal, glass