Bright Star, Hu Sanniang, nickname "Ten Feet of Blue"

Liu Xiaoping2000-2004

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum
Chongqing, China

Hu Sanniang is the daughter of Squire Hu. She dons a suit of armour over a red robe, a golden helmet and a silk belt. A martial arts expert capable of fighting several enemies at the same time, she wields a pair of sabers in battle and carries a lasso, which she uses to trip and pull opponents off their steeds. Hu Sanniang is one of the leaders of the Liangshan cavalry. During the campaign against the rebel leader Fang La, she attempts to avenge her husband Wang Ying, but Zheng Biao uses his magical gold bricks to kill her.

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  • Title: Bright Star, Hu Sanniang, nickname "Ten Feet of Blue"
  • Creator: Liu Xiaoping
  • Date: 2000-2004
  • Type: Root Carving
  • Physical Format: Length: 65cm Width: 28cm Height: 138cm
  • Medium: Fossilized Wood
  • Artist's Nationality: China
  • Artist's Gender: Male
  • Artist's Dates: 1970.02-