Bronze cast

Foto: AMHBronze Age

Hamburg Archaeological Museum

Hamburg Archaeological Museum
Hamburg, Germany

Two-part moulds of bronze are very rare. Most moulds are made of sandstone or clay. Such early feats of technology are a sign of the emergence of specialised bronze workshops, which served the increasing demand for the coveted end products within and beyond this region. The replicas on display were produced and used for scientific casting experiments at the Archaeological Museum in Hamburg more than 50 years ago.

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  • Title: Bronze cast
  • Creator: Foto: AMH
  • Date: Bronze Age
  • Location: Lüneburg, District of Lüneburg
  • Provenance: Archäologisches Museum Hamburg Stadtmuseum Harburg|Helms-Museum
  • Type: Two-Part Mould for Bronze Axes with the Axe Casts (Replica)
  • Medium: Bronze, Bronze