Bronze Statue of Nandu River God


Sichuan Museum

Sichuan Museum
Chengdu, China

Ming Dynasty.
The god has a plump face, a pair of vertical ears and a hat. He dresses a round neck robe with a tight collar, long and wide sleeves and a dargon tattooed belt, wearing a pair of boots. His chest, back, and two shoulders are decorated with dragons. He is sitting on a bronze chair which is decorated with dragons, geometries, garss and leaves, clouds, horses and waves from top to the bottom. There is an inscription on the left side of the idol, because of the years of wear and tear, some parts are blurred and cannot be read.

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  • Title: Bronze Statue of Nandu River God
  • Date Created: 1368/1644
  • Type: bronze statue
  • 高度: 381.1cm
  • 宽度: 187.4 cm
  • 发掘日期: 1950
  • 发掘地点: Collected by Chengdu Nationalistic Education Center