Building a "Wall of Biodiversity"

Hwa Ja Götz (MfN)2007

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Berlin, Germany

In 2007, parts of the exhibitions in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin was rebuilt. The "Wall of Biodiversity" is one of the highlights that combines Natural History and Design exhibitions. It offers a small glance into the animal biodiversity on our planet.

You can experience the famous biodiversity wall in several exhibits:

1. A Virtual Reality story of diversity and its loss (contains both English and German version, approximate viewing time: 5 min.).

2. Biodiversity 24 / 3000 / 8 Million – 24 examples from the 3000 species in the wall (approximate viewing time: 25 min., abbreviate by sampling only some species!).

3. A Tagged Biodiversity Wall, with a zoomable gigapixel panorama containing the names of selected specimens and groups (approximate viewing time: 4 min. – plus any amount of time to explore the names).

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  • Title: Building a "Wall of Biodiversity"
  • Creator: Hwa Ja Götz (MfN)
  • Date Created: 2007
  • Rights: © Museum für Naturkunde. All rights reserved.