Bulimina jacksonensis Cushman, 1925

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum
London, United Kingdom

  • Title: Bulimina jacksonensis Cushman, 1925
  • Specific epithet: jacksonensis
  • Scientific name authorship: Cushman, 1925
  • Order: Foraminifera
  • Locality: Fayoum
  • Latest era or highest erathem: Cenozoic
  • Latest eon or highest eonothem: Phanerozoic
  • Kingdom: Protista
  • Identification Qualifier: Fig'd & Desc'd. [sl. I sq. 1.].
  • Higher geography: Africa, Middle East; Egypt; Fayoum
  • Higher classification: Protista; Foraminifera
  • Genus: Bulimina
  • Formation: Gahannam Beds
  • Earliest period or lowest system: Paleogene
  • Earliest era or lowest erathem: Cenozoic
  • Earliest epoch or lowest series: Eocene
  • Earliest eon or Lowest eonothem: Phanerozoic
  • Country: Egypt
  • Continent: Africa, Middle East