Bull-shaped Askos

18th–17th century B.C.

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

This piece is an example of the extremely rich ceramic output of the Cypriot culture that flourished in the Middle Bronze Age. The hand-formed plastic vase is unconventional in its bull shape, but testifies to a cult which was widespread throughout in the Mediterranean region. As is generally the case with Cypriot vases of plastic shape, its decorative motifs do not differ from those shaped according to their practical function: geometric patterns, painted onto the clay in dark brown, divide the surface of the vase into squares completely independently of the animal's anatomy while the eyes, mouth and nose are indicated.

János György Szilágyi

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  • Title: Bull-shaped Askos
  • Date Created: 18th–17th century B.C.
  • Physical Dimensions: 10.6 x 13.9 cm
  • Type: vase
  • Publisher: Museum of Fine Arts Budapest
  • Rights: http://www.szepmuveszeti.hu/rights_and_reproductions
  • External Link: http://www.szepmuveszeti.hu/adatlap_eng/13329
  • Medium: painted, hand-modelled, clay
  • Inventory Number: T.829