Bullock team hauling monorailway train


National Rail Museum

National Rail Museum
New Delhi, India

The council of Regency, Patiala state made agreement on 5-5-1906, with Marsland price & Co. to construct a road between Sirhind station N.W.Railway and the town of Barsi, a distance of 6 miles with the state of Patiala to operate a monorail Tramway according to Ewing patent Monorail Tramway system.In 1907, the first section of an unusual railway was opened in Patiala state Col. Bowles, who designed this system become the State Engineer and laid the Patiala Monoail Trainways (about 50 miles in length from Sirhind to Alampura and Patiala to Bhavanigarh). One main object of the line was to make use of the 560 Government mules maintained by the state, as when there was no war anywhere, ther was little for them to do.It was decided to have steam power available against the contingency of the mules being withdrawn.

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  • Title: Bullock team hauling monorailway train
  • Date Created: 1909
  • Location: National Rail Museum, New Delhi, India
  • Type: Monorail
  • Medium: Archival print
  • Wheel Arrangement: 0-3-0, Double flange wheels
  • Railways: Patiala state Monorail Trainways
  • Manufacturer: Orenstein & Koppel, Berlin
  • Guage: Zero Gauge, monorail