Hsu Wei-Hui2009

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

The facial mask is a necessity nowadays for women and men. Artist Hsu Wei-Hui used facial masks as her creative media, through which, she expressed her core concept. To an artist, facial masks are products in daily life that carry the expectations to “becoming better”, yet they are also up against the deepest fear of the mankind- fear of aging, fear of beauty fading away, and fear of losing youth. Through the facial masks, the artist brought forward an issue and presented the contradiction and fragility of life.

A life-size dress, heels, bag, and accessories are made from pieces of facial masks. Under the beautiful laces hides anxiety and contradiction. Each piece of used facial mask is a memory of nourishment to life and the time past, as well as bits and bits of fear for losing the beautiful things in life. Through this work, the artist aims to remind the viewers that while caring for physical beauty, the soul also needs nourishment and energy, so that one will have the courage to remove the masquerade and covers to welcome the essence of life, converse with it, and dance with it.

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  • Title: Camouflage
  • Creator: Hsu Wei-Hui
  • Date: 2009
  • Medium: Installation / Mixed Media (facial mask, fabric stiffener)
  • Location: Doctor DEVIAS