Card game | board game:Cribbage

WM. F. Drueke and Sons, Inc.1940s-1960s

The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play
Rochester , United States

The game of cribbage is a card game in which a pegged board is used to keep track of the rapidly accumulating scores. The game became popular during the 17th century in England. The board is likely derived from an earlier dice game's score board; the rules are descended from an earlier English card game called Noddy. Cribbage is ideal for two, three, or four players and has remained steadily popular until the present day in both England and America. Cribbage is an "official" pastime among American submariners--the wardroom of the oldest submarine in the fleet carries Rear Admiral Dick O'Kane's personal cribbage board onboard, and upon decommissioning it is transferred to the next oldest boat. O'Kane was one of the most famous and respected American Submarine officers, and a keen cribbage player.

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  • Title: Card game | board game:Cribbage
  • Creator: WM. F. Drueke and Sons, Inc.
  • Date Created: 1940s-1960s
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Subject Keywords: card
  • Type: Card Games, Board Games
  • Medium: cardboard, printed paper
  • Object ID: 112.6481
  • Credit Line: Gift of Andrew Cosman and Mary Valentine