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Card game:Game of Visit to Camp

McLoughlin Brothersca. 1880

The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

One of the popular children's games of the late 19th century was called Peter Coddle and his trip to New York, or some variation of that title. It is thought that McLoughlin Brothers of New York invented the game, but nearly every other game maker produced one or more versions. Even McLoughlin produced a completely different version around 1880, entitled Game of Visit to Camp. The game is played exactly the same way with a story, read by one of the players, and words printed on cards. When the reader arrives at a blank in the story, the players supply their (nonsensical) words in sequence. Naturally, hilarity results. It seems unusual that the subject of this game is a visit to a Union army camp, and the cover illustration may be an image of General U.S. Grant. This party game type enjoyed great popularity for a while and it lives on today in games such as Mad Libs.

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  • Title: Card game:Game of Visit to Camp
  • Creator: McLoughlin Brothers
  • Date Created: ca. 1880
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Subject Keywords: camp, army, union
  • Type: Card Games
  • Medium: printed cardstock, cardboard, paper


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